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Do Not Blindly Choose Short-Term Delivery Manufacturers To Cooperate In Order To Catch Up With The Sales Boom![ 21-06-2018 ]
With the advent of the sales boom, more and more jewelry companies have come to find Dinggui Jewelry Showcase Customization Company to upgrade their brand image. Ding Gui showcases the company's warm reminder of the jewellery business: brand image upgrade is a major event, if your showcase is not yet in place, please do not blindly in order to catch up with the sales boom blindly choose the display cabinet manufacturers cooperation.
Dinggui Assists The Construction Of A 50,000 square meter national museum Project In France![ 15-06-2018 ]
Project Name: Construction of the French National Museum Project from 2018 to 2019. Project area: 50,000 square meters.
[Dry Goods] How To Choose The Right Jewelry Sshowcase Lighting?[ 14-06-2018 ]
Today, please follow Dinggui's high-end stainless steel jewelry showcase manufacturers to continue to explore the different types of jewellery that should be used to select luminaires from several common jewellery types.
Dinggui Showcase Master High-end Jewelry Store Design[ 13-06-2018 ]
Recently, Dinggui High-end Jewelry Store Design Company recently received a lot of customer inquiries whether it has independent design capabilities. If it can be designed, what is the design strength? Well, today Dinggui High-end Jewelry Store Design Company selects one of many outstanding works to share with everyone.
See How Your Museum Showcases Ccustomers From Finding Faults To Returning Orders[ 12-06-2018 ]
On the first day of November, early in the morning, the Dinggui Museum exhibitors had received a full amount of money from the exhibitors. Only after asking, did they know that Mr. Wang was returning a single payment.
[Dinggui] Heart Longing, The Line Will Be Able To[ 08-06-2018 ]
n the past two days, China's 9.75 million candidates rushed to the exam. After the first batch of “00” in China, the 1,000-dollar baby entered the examination room. Dinggui’s jewelry showcase factory wished the national candidates to win the victory.
Where Did The Delegation Of Dinggui Showcase Masters not return?[ 07-06-2018 ]
Dear viewers, friends and friends continue to broadcast the latest developments of Dinggui's showcase masters in the United States today.
Dinggui Showcase Master High-end Wall Showcase Waiting For You![ 06-06-2018 ]
"Hey, can you be a smart jewelry counter here?" This afternoon Ding Gui Showcase Customer Service Department received a customer consultation with our smart jewelry counter.
[Brand Cooperation] And How To Build A High-end Shopping Mall Counter[ 31-05-2018 ]
“I heard that you are doing high-end, just as some of my flagship stores here have to enter some high-end luxury shopping malls. Can you help make the brand and shopping atmosphere complement each other?” Recently, Ding Gui Nanjing Jewelry Counter Decoration Company received a This kind of customer consultation.
Attentive, Recognized 丨 Dinggui Showcase Masters Continuously Develop Power Sources[ 30-05-2018 ]
Grateful heart, thanks for having you... Dinggui Jewelry Showcase Co., Ltd. to share thanks to customers in the process.
Meet New People, Forget Old Friends, Give You The Most Sincere Care[ 24-05-2018 ]
Life is always in the world to constantly know new things, make new friends, meet new friends, and forget old friends. This is our long-standing approach to hospitality.
Dinggui Showcase Master Is Sought After By Many Heritage Collectors[ 23-05-2018 ]
Dinggui museum display cabinet private custom company in the display cabinet industry has been growing for a long time, It is because there is a lot of loyalty and love. This is not true. The British client also introduced us to his friend to contact Dinggui.
Why Do Jade Jewelry Showcases Use Chinese Style?[ 22-05-2018 ]
“The gentleman does not leave jade without reason” is a favorite of jade in ancient times. In today's era of rapid development, jade has always blended with culture, art, religion and other fields with its unique charm. Therefore, jade jewelry display cabinets have different design styles and techniques.
Brand Group Chooses To Establish A Long-term Cooperation With Dinggui Showcase Masters[ 18-05-2018 ]
Recently, Guangzhou weather "enthusiasm" you feel it? At Dinggui Jewelry Display Cabinet Company, we not only felt the enthusiasm of Guangzhou, but also the enthusiasm of our customers and friends from all over the world.
Please Look Forward To Seeing Swarovski And Dinggui Showcase Masters Together[ 17-05-2018 ]
In May 2018, Dinggui showcase master successfully handed the world's top crystal brand Swarovski! Dinggui showcase master once again with the international famous brands powerful combination! Industry brand influence further improved!
[Roughness] Do Not Compare It, How Do You Know How Good Dinggui Showcase Master Is?[ 15-05-2018 ]
Allowing you to smile on your resident's face so that you can be satisfied with each arrival is the greatest driving force for Dinggui Jewelry Stores. Congratulations to Dinggui Jewelry Store Showcase Co., Ltd. successfully becoming a long-term cooperation strategic target for the well-known US jewelry brand group.
After Confirming The Eyes, Dinggui Showcases The Best Long-term Partner.[ 10-05-2018 ]
"It was a wise choice to choose to cooperate with you at the beginning and help us to accumulate a lot of long-term stable and cooperative old customers." On the afternoon of May 8, 2018, Zhang Ding, a long-term partner of Dinggui Jewelry Display Cabinet Co., once again came to Dinggui headquarters to negotiate new cooperation projects and said this.
Jewelry Shop Decoration Design, Why Don't I Suggest You Go To A Third Party?[ 09-05-2018 ]
For many jewellery terminal customers, if they want to decorate the jewellery shop, the first thing they would like to find is to design the company to design the project, or to decorate the company to decorate and produce the jewelry showcase. As the title says, why doesn't Dinggui Jewelry Showcase recommend that you go to a third party company like a design company or a decoration company to decorate and design a jewelry store?
Field Visit Is An Effective Way To Test The Strength Of Museum Showcase Manufacturers[ 08-05-2018 ]
Recently, Dinggui Museum exhibitors received an advice from Mr. Mu of Shandong Province. After a simple communication and understanding, Mr. Mu said: “You are very good, but you do not know what the actual situation is. I can visit your factory first. Are you visiting?” For Dinggui with absolute strength and confidence, we warmly welcome your visit.
Do You Have A Lot Of Doubts? Dinggui Showcase Company Specializes In All Kinds Of "Disobedience"![ 04-05-2018 ]
The Singapore jewellery brand is a Singaporean local watch brand jewellery conglomerate, which mainly manages branded jewellery such as Cartier jewellery, Montblanc jewellery, Tiger gargoyle watch, Breitling watch and other famous brands. This time, it cooperated with Dinggui Jewelry Showcase-made manufacturers to successfully update and upgrade the company's brand image.
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