DG Furniture is one of the world′s leading manufacturers and solution providers for custom museum showcase.And since 1999s,DG Furniture has provided both museum display showcase manufacturing and full set solutions for 5000+ museum worldwide.
Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, it covers an area of 20000 sq.m. with advanced facilities, we offer service in design, production and installation with superior speed and value. Assign each customers a team of experienced managers, engineers, designers, and craftsmen who will ensure that your solution is delivered on-time and on-budget.
DG Furniture operates a peoject management model that is innovative,flexible,dynamic and centred on our clients.And DG furniture ranks the market leader in 128 countries.

Top Senior Design Team

  • Design Manager-Tim

    Design Manager-Tim

  • Design Manager-Mike

    Design Manager-Mike

  • Design Manager—Jamie

    Design Manager—Jamie

  • Design Manager-Ted

    Design Manager-Ted

  • Design Manager-Louis

    Design Manager-Louis

  • Design Manager-Samy

    Design Manager-Samy

  • Design Manager-Eric

    Design Manager-Eric

  • Design Manager-Ray

    Design Manager-Ray

  • Design Manager-Albert

    Design Manager-Albert

Design Manager-Stephen


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