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[NEWS]Attentive, Recognized 丨 Dinggui Showcase Masters Continuously Develop Power Sources[ 2018-05-30 10:29 ]
Grateful heart, thanks for having you... Dinggui Jewelry Showcase Co., Ltd. to share thanks to customers in the process.
[Industry news][City Word of Mouth] What Are The Long-term Brand Partners In Which Cities?[ 2018-05-11 15:06 ]
Today, the well-known American jewelry brand group sent a good news to Dinggui Jewelry Showcase Co., Ltd. ~
[NEWS]Jewelry Shop Decoration Design, Why Don't I Suggest You Go To A Third Party?[ 2018-05-09 15:29 ]
For many jewellery terminal customers, if they want to decorate the jewellery shop, the first thing they would like to find is to design the company to design the project, or to decorate the company to decorate and produce the jewelry showcase. As the title says, why doesn't Dinggui Jewelry Showcase recommend that you go to a third party company like a design company or a decoration company to decorate and design a jewelry store?
[NEWS]Do You Have A Lot Of Doubts? Dinggui Showcase Company Specializes In All Kinds Of "Disobedience"![ 2018-05-04 11:59 ]
The Singapore jewellery brand is a Singaporean local watch brand jewellery conglomerate, which mainly manages branded jewellery such as Cartier jewellery, Montblanc jewellery, Tiger gargoyle watch, Breitling watch and other famous brands. This time, it cooperated with Dinggui Jewelry Showcase-made manufacturers to successfully update and upgrade the company's brand image.
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