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[Museum Upright Cabinet]"Dinggui Exhibition Master" Paint Jewellery Showcase Paint Process Articles[ 2018-10-24 14:30 ]
Although the 2018 jewelry showcase is made of stainless steel, the stainless steel process is mainly brushed and plated. However, some jewellery is not suitable for use in stainless steel. It is biased towards wood. The craft is of course paint. So today, I will share with you the paint process of the jewellery showcase.
[NEWS]The Quality Of The Dinggui Museum's Showcases Stems From The Power Of Concentration[ 2018-04-25 11:26 ]
All guests who have inspected the Dinggui Museum's display cabinet manufacturers will inevitably raise their thumbs up to express their high recognition, because Ding Gui's display cabinets not only have the exquisite craftsmanship of jewelry showcases, but also have the powerful functions of the museum's showcases, presenting the perfect Exhibition space.
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