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[NEWS]See How Your Museum Showcases Ccustomers From Finding Faults To Returning Orders[ 2018-06-12 14:30 ]
On the first day of November, early in the morning, the Dinggui Museum exhibitors had received a full amount of money from the exhibitors. Only after asking, did they know that Mr. Wang was returning a single payment.
[NEWS]Field Visit Is An Effective Way To Test The Strength Of Museum Showcase Manufacturers[ 2018-05-08 15:08 ]
Recently, Dinggui Museum exhibitors received an advice from Mr. Mu of Shandong Province. After a simple communication and understanding, Mr. Mu said: “You are very good, but you do not know what the actual situation is. I can visit your factory first. Are you visiting?” For Dinggui with absolute strength and confidence, we warmly welcome your visit.
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