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Value Commited.Relationship Driven." has been DG's business philosophy since 1999.This Business concept has lead to 15+ year relationship with Fortune 500 retailers and numerous"Fixture Vendor of the Year" awards.
"What's the difference?" We strive to be an extention of our customer which translates into customer-centric account teams,7/24 service,shorter lead time,superior solution and a greater ROI.
Design Life,Create Beauty."
We regards every piece of product as new life,and we have a faith inside that we are creating the beauty of commercial world and the future.





We commit to creat the maximum value to our clients and help them succeed in their retail business.


Our business model is built on strong foundations: successful partnerships with brand retailers.


Our stunning stores are where all the elements of our operations successfully combine to provide a unique and exciting customer experience.


We can satisfy our clients with diverse needs,and we are dedicated to providing custom design solutions and display cabinets that perfectly meet or exceed their expectations.


We help our brand partners at strategic level, when planning our space, merchandising and promotions and are trusted to showcase their products at their best.


We employ over 500 people in a diverse and multi-cultural team of experts, specialists and service professionals to provide you with best services.


At DG Furniture,we understand  that our success depends on our customer's success.That is why everything we do is based on thr following criteria:

  • Quality - our bedrock principle is providing the highest quality products at reasonable prices - no exceptions.
  • On Time Delivery - Our reputation is built on meeting demanding lead times,ontime.That is our commitment to our customers.
  • Service - we support our customers from the initial design to years after our fixtures have been installed.Our fixtures are built to go to the extra mile and our service  is there every step of the way.
  • Value - is added to every fixture through intelligent engineering and design.If a fixture is designed with flexibility,durability,and cost savings in mind it provides a greater return on investment for the life of fixture.
  • Visual Appeal - with an endless variety of materials and finishes,our fixtures can be customized to fit your style.Fixture design is executed to provide seamless integration into your overall design concept and branding.
  • Customer Experience - This is a crucial component in successful retail sales.Intuitive layouts for customer transactions.Visual appeal,attractive merchandising and quality construction all enhance the customer experience and increase sales.
  • Employee Comfort & Productivity - Proper ergonomics and fixture design can help omprove employee productivity and profitability.



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